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Turbo AutoFaucet

Faucet reward reduced and is now 10x lesser.. we have been horribly scammed and until we get back up, faucet rewards will be very low.Faucet reward will be 50x more at august 1st!

Just enter your address below, select your currency, hit submit, and then leave the page open for tons of satoshi!

Thereʼs no timers or CAPTCHAs; this is one of the leakiest faucets out there!

(This faucet requires your address to be linked to a FaucetHUB account)

(If the payout rates seem low, just remember that you get out just as much as you put in, and this faucet is much less “labor-intensive” than most.)

Referral link: (rotator owners, please append &rotator=YOUR_ROTATOR_NAME to the URL)

This site uses Google Analytics and cookies. It doesnʼt really matter, and the information collected is completely anonymous and stripped of any identifying information. Nobody cares anyway; the people who do care about your information donʼt tell you that they have it. The information collected here would be akin to glancing at your feet from across the street while holding a censor bar over your face, body, and skin.
Nice shoes, by the way!

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